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Can't pair the both sides to the phones.



  • Rocco Costa

    I thought we could use only one side of the ear buds at a time. Therefore we should be able to pair both of the ear buds individually.

    Or it is only possible to pair the one side to the phone?

    My Right side works fine but the left side doesn't. It says it is paired but it's not.

  • Jeffrey LaCroix

    I have the same problem. I use a Motorola Moto X Pure Edition with Android 7.0. The right ear bud works fine but the left cuts in and out, mostly out.

  • VIE Support

    @Rocco Costa  Please only pair the one side of the earphones to the phone. 

    @Jeffrey LaCroix  Please contact for your help.


  • Jeffrey LaCroix

    I have paired only the right one and the left phases in and out still.

  • Nimer Abdo

    when i am in phone call mode i cant hear both sides only the side that is connected to the phone ?

    can you help me in how to connect both sides into a phone call 
    audio its ok bt phone call is not


  • takafreak

    So are you saying VIE FIT only supports one side for phone call?

    I have paired with my iPhone, only left VIE FIT L.

    I turned both device on.

    But I can only hear sound from left.

    Is this by design?

  • Nimer Abdo

    Yes thats what im saying it only supports one sode for a phone call

  • Stefan Kaleta

    Got this from support:

    <How to pair Left and Right>
    1: Power on both sides of earphones
    2: Delete Vie Fit setting of the Bluetooth on your device.
    3: Click the button 4 times on one side (LED blinks fast Blue/Red)
    4: Click the button 5 times on the other side (LED blinks slowly Blue/Red)
    5: Wait for the left and right to be paired (LED blue)
    6: Pair one side of the earphone to your phone.

    Worked liked a charm on my end.

  • Enrique Ferrer Rodríguez

    earphones can't sound together in spite to be paired on. I can era one or other but not together. Are there a procedure to pair both ears together or in between? It seems to be unpaired together

  • Enrique Ferrer Rodríguez

    In fact I've tryed to connect to my mac and only is possible to pair one side.




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