The mic is not picking up the sound or too low when making the phone call




  • Bill Andrews

    Hello!  I would like to have a way to control the noise cancelling. I have 2 PC's on my desk and the fan noise increased the noise cancelling to the point where I cannot be heard on calls. 

  • takafreak

    Noise cancelling is great feature, however, when I used this for phone call, (A) sound is very low and I am unable to raise the volume, (B) mic seems so low and the person I am speaking with is unable to hear my voice.

    This does not happen with my iPhone AirPod. Is there any option on iPhone to change volume on both speaker and mic?

  • Ashish Saxena

    Mic volume is so low that the other person cannot hear me. I was in a very quiet place and still no good. Makes the Vie fit useless.

  • takafreak

    I can't disagree more with you, Ashish.

    I would not want to say this but with current design and (hopefully with) firmware, VIE FIT is unfortunately useless and I am more comfortable with AirPods.

    Hope VIE FIT team is listening to users voice and making improvements quickly as possible.

  • Bill Andrews



    Do you have any date on when the app and the new firmware will be available. 

  • VIE Support

    Thank you for your feedback. We will release the firmware very soon (within May as we stated). However, the mic volume set up change will not be included in this update. Based on your feedback, we will investigate and address this issue with the future update.

  • takafreak

    When are we expecting new firmware update for the phone call improvement?

  • Kobus Botha

    My mic is also so soft that I can’t use my Vie Fit. When are we expecting a firmware update?

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