When one side of the earbud does not play sound




  • Martijn Keymis

    My vie Fits are connected to each other but my left (not-device-connected) doesn't say anything anymore... He does not even say 'power on' but the led works

  • Jeffrey Lim

    Can you explain further how does it works for the earbud to pair with each other?

    I followed your instuction but one side keep playing music while the other is turned on idle and doesnt seems to be trying to pair with the other.

  • Thecoru

    It would be helpful ;-)

  • Johan van der Velden

    When is this new firmware comming ??? Is taking a long time.Well past half of May now...

  • Stefan Kaleta

    All my devices are recognizing each earbud as an individual device (i.e. Vie Fit L, Vie Fit R) and when I go to connect either one, the other drops out. I've tried to 'reconnect' both earbuds using the the "reconnect L & R earbuds" walkthrough but I'm still getting the same problem over and over again. I must be doing something wrong.

  • Matouš Hrbek

    How does the pairing of both earbud in between each other works? If the voice say 'Pairing' I suspect it means pairing with the device and not with earbuds in each other. How exactly should I force both of two earbuds to pair with each other? I have the same issue with my Android phone and Windows 10 laptop. One earbud play, the second not. Eventually the other one joins without any notice, but intermittently fails (disconnects and reconnects again). Please, provide us full and detailed instruction set on how to work with all of that at one place. It would be really helpful.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • takafreak

    Thanks for the firmware update. I pulled my old Android (Nexus 4 with Android 5.1.1), updated firmware one by one, Left to Right. 

    Once completed, I paired VIE FIT L to my iPhone 6s. Played songs for 10 minutes, I still have intermittent connection drop from R side of VIE FIT, and the connection came back after a while.

    I don't think this firmware update helped solving the issue I was having with my iPhone 6s.

    Please note, 1) I removed all previous VIE FIT bluetooth pairing before firmware upgrade, 2) removed VIE FIT bluetooth pairing form Android which I did for firmware upgrade in both L and R, 3) re-paired VIE FIT L to iPhone 6s.

  • Dallas Watt

    Hi, just updated the firmware last night using a A73 Oppo.  Tried pairing and playing off my Apple Watch Series 2 and still only plays sound on one earbud, no matter which one is paired.  That is even with both buds paired to the watch too, to see if any difference then either.  So Firmware still has not fixed the issue of sound only in one ear-bud.  Please fix


  • Franklin F

    I was able to get both earbuds working again by turning off blue tooth on my Iphone 6s.  Then turning off the earbuds.  Turn the earbuds back on and keep holding button's down until it says pairing.  They will both blink blue and red LED.  I left them like that for about 5 min and nothing happened to I pressed the button again on one of the ear buds and got a beep in both ears.  I turned on blue tooth on my phone.  It popped and I touched the Tzumi SoundMates line item.  It connected.  My phone found both ear buds.  I did not connect the other one.  Just leave it alone in the list of devices.  It shows not connected.  Found music to play and now it plays out of both ear buds.  

    I think the ear buds have to pair to themselves first.  Then they pair to the phone as one device.  


    Franklin F
    U r genius I have been trying this for so many days but I always had negative result but when I was found your article I applied it and it worked for me.
    Cheers Man
    Thanks a ton....

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