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It stuck in the middle of the firmware update



  • Amy

    Mine got stuck half way and now the app keeps saying "not found VIE SHAIR" and the headphones keep flashing the LEDs

  • VIE Support


    As the headphones are flashing the green/yellow light, it means it still in the updating mode. The bluetooth setting are kept safely and should automatically reconnect even if it cut off in the middle of the update. If the app keeps saying "not found VIE SHAIR", please follow the process below.


    1: Turn off and on the bluetooth of your device.

    2: Delete the app and re-download from the site.

    3: Power on and off the headphones. 

    4: Try the update again.

  • Amy

    Thanks that worked - and the white noise has stopped in the headphones too!

  • cc lai

    ok... after more than 10 tries..

    it finally start the update...

    but here comes another problem

    i repeated the process above for maybe more than 15 times...

    it never goes more than 10%

    come on....

  • Edmund Chan

    I have been trying the method above, but I can't even uninstall the app in my Android phone ...


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